Accelerated Revision and Past Papers Practice

Why prepare with Knowledge Planet?

Knowledge Planet is Gulf's Largest Educational Institution with a network of 13 branches in the UAE for Test Preparation and University Admission Counselling. We are excited to introduce Revision Classes for the upcoming AS/A-Level Exams, exclusively focusing on Past Papers Practice to ACE the upcoming Exams in May/June 2022!

Subjects Offered:

Business Studies
Computer Science
and more

Program Specifications:

12 Weeks (Accelerated Program)
Mode: Online
Investment: AED 350 per subject per month
(Group Classes)
AED 75 per hour onwards
(One on One)
Note: Discounts will be applicable if two or more subjects are selected.

Student Reviews

Knowledge Planet has helped me improve my academics tremendously and made learning easy. The teachers have made difficult concepts and calculations simple and fun. The teachers are very interactive and are up to date with my learning progress and frequent tests are given to make sure I understand what is being taught and identifying the areas where I might need help.
Mahi Sinha Al Ditafah School

Knowledge Planet has helped me develop in my skills and has helped me increase my understanding of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The teachers were so helpful and always wanted to help me in any doubt that I faced and the management team always arranged my classes right on time. All in all I would say Knowledge Planet helped me develop a better understanding of the topics I had to face and really helped me in the exams.
Zain Naqvi The City High Schoo

Before going to Knowledge Planet institute my performance in school was moderately average but ever since I have joined my grades have sky rocketed and I couldn’t be happier. I joined Knowledge Planet when I was in year 11 of my IGCSE and have just finished my time with them for my As levels. Knowledge Planet helped me improve in many ways such as exam preparations, study schedules and much more. With the help of the amazing teachers I have achieved what I never thought I could.
Hasan Ali Al Salam Community School

Knowledge Planet has helped me a lot in my studies. They have boosted my understanding and their staff is ready to help me with everything. They have increased my interest in Science and Math, and I have developed a greater understanding because of them. The teachers are respectful and help in many ways to make sure I pass with top marks. Overall I'm thankful for the support I have gotten from them these past months I have been receiving from them.
Yaser Khan Al Sadiq School

Searching for a good tutor is really hard but KP makes it so easy as they have the best tutors . These tutors guide and train you in the best way possible for school exams and entrance exams . I am truly blessed to have found this institute.
Sasha Kalal Private Student

Knowledge Planet is one of the best establishment that has changed my evaluations and furthermore helped me rehearse and be prepared for the absolute most significant tests that I would have to take to become what I try to be, so fundamentally they made my future the specific way I needed it
Abid Mostofa Cambridge International School

KKnowledge Planet is a great institute for those who wants to become the best and reach the top. The teachers are extremely helpful and very clear and concise in my studies. With Knowledge Planet I know that I will do my best and go above beyond in my exams and in the future.
Ashab Junaid Dubai English Speaking College

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